Deploying applications is hard.
We make it easy.

Fully automate your application's lifecycle, from testing and building to deployment, so you can focus on building features and growing your business.

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How it works

  1. Connect your Gitlab, Github or Bitbucket projects.
  2. Add deployment.yaml to your project, containing the necessary configuration for your application to run.
  3. From now on, on every change, the application is updated and deployed with zero downtime.


Centralized application code

Keep every bit of your application together. No more separate projects for the devops aspects.

Fully automated deployments

For each service or job, we automatically build and deploy everything as soon as possible, without any manual intervention necessary.

Application versioning

Keep track of all the versions of the application, so in case of emergency you can safely roll back to a past version.

Zero downtime updates

Our automated deployments use a roll-out strategy so your app doesn't experience any downtime between updates.

Usage based pricing

You only pay for the resources you actively use. No more paying for server idle time.

All batteries included

Logging and monitoring are included and enabled out of the box.

Structure your applications using these building blocks

The resources we use in our configuration are simple to understand and manage, so that you can focus on writing code instead of losing time in configuring badly named and confusing moving pieces


A long running process that accepts and handles external traffic. Eg. web servers, workers


A short running process that runs whether on demand or on a schedule. Eg. web crawlers.


A centralized application configuration that is shared between all the instances of a job/service. Eg. logging level.


Configuration that needs special handling and permission access, so that only authorized services can access them. Eg. passwords, tokens, SSH keys, certificates


You pay only for the resources you use

Per minuteApprox. per month
GB of RAM$0.0002$8.76
Inbound trafficFREEFREE
Outbound trafficFREEFREE


  • for a web service that needs to be available 24/7 and requires one CPU and one GB or RAM, the total charges at the end of the month will be $39.42
  • for a short-job that will run daily, takes one hour to complete and requires one GB or RAM and one CPU, the total charge will be $1.62

Deploy your applications in minutes

We are setting things up! Leave us an mail address to be the first to find out when we launch!

Or contact us directly at